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Facilitating Digital Transformation With Consultancy And Technology

Automate Go-To-Market Processes. Reduce costs by enabling cloud technology across your organisation. Secure your business by offering services which meet your customers’ needs. Become time and cost-efficient using resources for innovation using data-driven solutions and consulting services.
Globeconnex is a pioneering IT consulting company with a reach across USA, India and Germany and limitless ambitions. Our impact extends beyond the now. We help top 500 organizations worldwide unlock their digital potential and realize sustainable change.

Facilitating Digital Transformation With Consultancy And Technology

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Software development – We help build software that inclines toward the latest proven technologies combining industry know-how with deep technical expertise.
Security – Globeconnex enables security solutions for your company by changing mindsets and improving skills inclined towards latest and proven technology
Digital Assurance – We empower organizations to deliver high-quality and reliable software by solving software delivery lifecycle problems and beyond.
Software Product Engineering – We utilize digitization, modernisation and the benefits of technology through providing of knowledge and services.
Low Code Platforms and Solutions – We deliver business apps built on Salesforce and Appian that directly address business problems and customer needs.

Build On Our Solutions – We aim to get you started on data and AI(add more details about AI). 

Unlock technical potential

Your journeys are accelerated with our experience and solutions. We help you maintain your organizational platform and teach your employees how to work with it. The platform is designed to change with your changing needs.

Facilitating Digital Transformation With Consultancy And Technology

Globeconnex is a leading IT company specializing in software consulting, support and implementation for small and mid-sized businesses which include Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources Management and Customer Relationship Management. We have an ongoing commitment to uncovering new technology, built-in modularity and services for our customers in meeting their business requirements. Additionally, we provide consulting and implementation solutions around the ERP, CRM domain, custom development services and Product conceptualization and development services.
Globeconnex CRM services are designed to automate marketing, sales and customer service. Our CRM services cover CRM consulting, implementation, testing, support and more. In CRM services since 2018, Globeconnex helps businesses build reliable CRM solutions to reduce marketing, sales and customer service costs.

Facilitating Digital

We help SMBs and companies of all sizes manage their entire inventory management using automation to plug asset data into your service delivery processes. Our clients love us for our inventory management of non-pingable assets that require active management in the inventory. Our services help clients improve their service delivery and asset management processes while mitigating risks through the end-to-end records of changes and upgrades.
Identifying and highlighting the right e-commerce approach while applying the newest technological tools must be at the forefront of your mind as you create your business strategy. Globeconnex’s e-commerce consulting practice assists you with funnel creation, shopping cart modifications, third-party integrations, and tapping into new exciting channels. Utilize Globeconnex’s DevOps and SaaSOps expertise to deliver a smooth function implementation process for your e-commerce solution.

Our AI, ML and Data solutions drive your business forward(ADD ML as well)

How do you turn data into actionable insights? How do you derive impactful information from millions of touch-points? Being data-driven takes a lot more than unlocking data, storing it, and providing everyone access. By evaluating your data maturity level, we create a roadmap that advises you on where to invest in the short/mid, and long term.
We create and incorporate data-driven IT that delivers insights in real time. We manage your data-driven transformation, share our knowledge of data and AI, and help you utilise data governance ensuring you create value from data within the guardrails agreed upon.
How can we enable digital transformation for you?

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The world of technology is moving at a fast pace. Demand for top talent is very competitive, particularly for Leadership and Executive Technology positions. This growth is only looking to skyrocket in the near future, as cybersecurity, AI and commercialism rise to the top of in-demand capabilities and more businesses make the shift to remote work.

Marketing Automation

At Globeconnex our tech recruitment specialists provide you a tailored approach to selecting the right hire for your business requirements. With our extensive knowledge of the IT landscape and future trends, we know what a candidate needs to deliver and assist you in finding the candidates you need to beat the competition.

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