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Globeconnex is a Frankfurt-based company that serves the recruitment needs of companies from all over the world. One of the most important resources for any organisation is human capital. In today’s highly competitive world, getting the right human resources with the right skill sets is more important than ever for organisations to compete and grow.

Permanent Recruitment

We find permanent employees for our clients in India & worldwide and charge a one-time recruitment fee for each successful placement. We primarily serve clients in four industry sectors: IT, manufacturing, Pharma & Others. We place the right talent in the right role by leveraging our trusted brand, industry knowledge, and expertise to help our clients access the people they need on a timely basis. Our Candidate Lifecycle System technology platform supports and enhances our recruitment business. Our permanent recruitment business serves our clients well, especially because the majority of our clients have both temporary and permanent staffing needs, and we can now meet both of these needs.

Temporary Staffing

Globeconnex works across industries, meeting the needs of leading brands in the Consumer Durables, Retail, Telecom, Chemical, and Manufacturing, e-commerce, Pharmaceuticals, and Healthcare sectors. We increase business productivity by allowing our clients to outsource their staffing needs and focus on operating and growing their core businesses through a combination of people, process, and technology focus. We have half-roll employees who are skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled.

Payroll Management

Globeconnex has a well-established and robust payroll processing system in place, which is the result of a combination of the best software tools, expert know-how, IT infrastructure, and a strong payroll team. We introduced Payroll Process Outsourcing services as a standalone offering a few years ago in response to articulated customer needs and as a logical extension of our services portfolio. Our payroll processing services are designed to manage the payroll of your on-roll employees and are tailored to your specific needs.

Training & Development

We have experienced trainers who have worked on numerous security implementation projects. Aside from tools, we focus primarily on manual methodologies. We provide organisations with cutting-edge tools that improve the effectiveness of information security training. We assist organisations in developing the necessary skills to deal with today’s complex security and compliance issues. We deliver training programmes using tried-and-true teaching methods such as PPP (presentation-practice-production). We create custom information programmes that are tailored to the client’s or organization’s current environment and make the best use of your existing resources. We connect our real-world project experience and training objectives so that learners are prepared for hands-on experience and their learning is greatly enhanced.

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