# AccelerateYourBusiness
# AccelerateYourBusiness

From Strategy to Engineering, Your Path To Digital Transformation Excellence and Software Engineering Begins Here

Globeconnex is a Software & Consulting firm based out of Frankfurt. We help address the tech and hiring needs for businesses around the world
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Our valued clients come from various industries across the globe.

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Over the years, We’ve helped numerous businesses with their pain points. We’ve worked across world’s leading industries such as Energy, IT, FMCG and so on.

A powerful approach to project planning and product creation

Start your company's digital journey

Globeconnex is a pioneering Software Engineering and IT consultancy company, transforming and executing at the intersection of Domain and Technology to create digital transformation for our people, clients, partners, and communities.

Be at the forefront of cutting edge tech

We see IT services evolve to underpin technology and people transformation. As a result, we explore new technology frontiers to strategise, leverage and create solutions to deliver sustainable value. From strategy to execution, your journey to excellent Digital Transformation starts here.

Industries we serve

Taking specific industry requirements into account, we assist you build the ultimate omnichannel customer journey, turn existing financial solutions more profitable, refine logistics processes, develop the health of your medical platform, and more.

What people are saying

Healthcare Client

Healthcare Client

@melissahart · 8 Feb
Globeconnex are on top of their game, go above and beyond, and leave no stone un-turned when dealing with our many issues. We are a 100% satisfied customer of theirs
Alexander Ackley

Alexander Ackley

Portfolio X

Our Agency’s collaboration with Globeconnex was a superb professional experience. We worked seamlessly together to achieve great results in a very challenging environment on a project with a high-degree of difficulty. We consider Globeconnex a trusted, reliable, and invaluable partner, and we will be collaborating with them on every project in the future.

Ajay Singh

Ajay Singh

Leo Life Consultant

I can’t say enough great things about Globeconnex. They know their stuff and are extremely friendly and easy to work with.

As a mid-size company, we rely on Globeconnex to keep our system operating and our people focused on their jobs and not on maintaining their software.

Ram Iyengar

Ram Iyengar

Third Eye Creative
Globeconnex has been one of our most valued partners over the years, Santosh and his team always go the extra mile to make things happen for us.
Suresh Bhaskaran

Suresh Bhaskaran

Accubits Technologies Inc
It brings us great pleasure to express our appreciation for your organization Globe Connex for its support in our business endeavors. You have shown an excellent professional process in your engagement with us. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship ahead. Thanks for your support.


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